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If the temple could not be erected on an open space dedicated to the divinity, it was customary to surround the temple by an enclosed precinct, whereby it was separated from all that was profane.Still other buildings were frequently inside this enclosure, as the houses for the priests, or the stalls for the sacrificial animals.But today they were put to a different use as sunshades.

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To mark these boundaries no walls were needed; a formula spoken by the augur was sufficient, and from this ceremony came the phrase effari locum , literally, "to proclaim a place", hence, to define and dedicate.In the Homeric age, the temple as a space set apart and containing an altar, which was perhaps shaded by a group of trees, was more commonly found than the temple built by man.If actual temples are mentioned by Homer, as at Troy and the fabulous city of the Phæacians, the circumstance is probably attributable to oriental influence.The decider was also the longest set ever played in a singles match at Wimbledon - with potentially a long way still to go as both men's serves held up.As the clock ticked past 6pm, the match had become the longest ever in grand slam tennis, beating the previous mark of six hours and 33 minutes set by Fabrice Santoro and Arnaud Clement at the French Open in 2004. Normally there are breaks but John's barely moving but is still able to produce good serves.It was also customary to select the highest spot in a city, the acropolis, as the general,preference at that time was for high, open spaces.Further the kind of divinity had also influence on the choice of the spot: thus Zeus preferred the heights, Mars the marketplaces, Hercules the gymnasium, others, the fortified castle, the gates of the city, the plain.Sales of ice cream and bottles of water (expensive at £2 a go) soared as spectators wilted in the heat.A Wimbledon spokesman said that 66 people were treated by St John’s Ambulance for heat-related injuries.It is certain that the Indo-Germanic peoples originally had no buildings for the worship of their gods, but worshiped the gods upon mountains, as Herodotus expressly says of the Persians, or believed the supernatural beings were present in groves or trees.Consequently among the ancient Germans the conception of a grove was identified with that of a temple.

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